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STR Skintightrubber products are covered by our free of charge repair service to access this service please send a picture(s) of the damage to us at we will then confirm if a repair is possible, we are unable to guarantee any repairs. 

Please enclose a note and return address inside the package this helps identify your items.

Items will be repaired free of charge, but there are charges for using this service:

1. Repair = £0.00 (free of charge)
2. Cleaning = £50.00 (if not returned as per instructions below)
3. Postage = £10.00 - £30.00 (depending on country)

All items returned must be:

1. Cleaned of all polish
2. Cleaned of all lube
3. Washed
4. Powdered (Talc)

If out side of the European Union please ensure package customs label is marked:

1. NCV “No Commercial Value” (zero value)
2. Temporary import
3. Returned goods
4. Items for repair

Failure to do this could result in your package being rejected.

Please ensure item is sent via a recordable delivery service as no responsibility can be taken for missing items.


STR will also supply off cuts of rubber for any repairs you wish to attempt your self for either our products or other rubber products you have purchased, we can also advise what preparation is required and adhesives you can use.

If you require further information please contact us here: